Edge Radio Recommended: Alexandra Savior – Belladonna of Sadness

After leaving crowds completely enamoured and swooning for more at SXSW, Portland native Alexandra Savior has released her highly-anticipated debut album, Belladonna Of Sadness via Columbia Records and Sony Music Entertainment Australia.

With a voice that channels the ghosts of smoky fifties jazz haunts, lucid and literary lyricism worthy of J.D. Salinger, and wondrous youth-in-revolt abandon, Savior will tell you she makes, “Sassy impolite spaghetti western music.”

Savior’s unique sound and style first caught the attention of several creative forces including T. Bone Burnett who placed her song, ‘Risk‘, in the most recent season of HBO’s cult series, True Detective.

“I stay a bit stoic with my personal emotions,” she admits. “I portrayed things I was going through, but I didn’t say them out loud. I made the record when I first moved to L.A. I was observing a world I’d only heard about — but it was true. I felt like I had to figure out who I was in a year, and I wrote about that struggle. I created a fantasy.”

Words: Sony Music